About Us

Minnesota State Fair Day was created in 2008 when a few Minnesotan ex-pats living in New York City commiserated about missing the fair. Armed with fanny packs, sticks and comfortable footwear, the group set forth on foot throughout the city attempting to create a fair experience via food.

Some of the foods consumed that day to imitate the fair experience were corn on the cob, milk and cookies, donuts (however, not mini), and French fries. Each year the itinerary improves and we are able to incorporate more authentic items such as Sweet Martha’s Cookies, cheese curds and Leinenkugel beer. We are working on some even bigger surprises this year.

This annual event is a labor of love, a celebration of Minnesota and the Great Get Together. The event is organized by volunteers bonded by fried-food-friendship in the wee hours of the day and night in New York City.

Join us August 18, 2012. No need to be a Fair expert, or even a Minnesota native, as long as you have an appetite all are welcome!