Minnesota State Fair Day Tickets Launch Today and Surly at Blu Dot Tonight!

Tonight Minnesota State Fair Day is co-hosting Minneapple in the Big Apple’s Minnesota Monthly A Taste of Minnesota edition Happy Hour sponsored by Surly Brewing Company and Blu Dot.

We’re excited that Surly has been so kind to send us 6 varieties of beer for the event: Bender, Coffee Bender, Bitter Brew, Cynic Ale, Hell Lager, and Furious. We are also grateful that Blu Dot was more than willing to host us in their great SoHo location.

Today will also be launching tickets for the fifth annual Minnesota State Fair Day at noon on Eventbrite. Last year tickets sold out so be sure to buy early, there is limited capacity.

It’s a very exciting day, thank you to Surly Brewing Company, Blu Dot, and Minneapple in the Big Apple for making the event possible. More thanks to Woody McHale’s for frying up the cheese curds and to the volunteers from Minneapple in the Big Apple and Minnesota Culture Club who will be helping make the event run smoothly!

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